The Brick Yard On Union Street - Corporate Team Building

The Brick Yard offers semi-private space to host your corporate happy hour event.  Sign up with our email to receive exclusive email invitations to professional networking events.  To set up your corporate event, email

Team Building:

Daytime team-building lunch and game watches available at 1787 Union Street

Does your organization have a give-back program? 

Consider guest bartending at The Brick Yard on behalf of a cause!  The designated cause keeps all the tips, and 2-6 of your employees hop behind the bar to serve up drinks to a crowd of your supporters and co-workers!   No experience is necessary, the Brick Yard team is with your team the whole way to ensure success! or

The Brick Yard loves supporting corporations working with non-profit and charitable organizations.  Contact to start the conversation and see what's possible!